Full Circle

Creating a zero-waste retailer.

Full Circle is the genesis of an idea between three friends, who shared similar aims and aspirations to consume and purchase only ethically sourced products, that are good for the earth from which they came, and have as little impact on our environment and nature as possible, through producing less waste. Full Circle came to us with the goal of creating a brand identity and a set of guidelines which they could use to launch the start-up business.

  • Brand identity workshops
  • Brand positioning
  • Concepts & Design
  • Guidelines
  • Brand attributes and assets
  • Brand development and implementation
  • Project management
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Project details


Full Circle approached us with the goal of creating a brand identity and a set of guidelines which they could use to launch their start-up business. They needed an identity which reflected the business and its offering and which could be applied to a raft of materials.


We sat down with the team from Full Circle and conducted several workshops to really understand what the business was, this really helped us to define the mission statement for the brand. Once we had this we explored various creative solutions and treatments, but the idea that really came through was to make the brand identity/device resemble what you do in the shop: you bring along your own pot/tub to collect the food and take it home.


The result is a brand identity that has meaning as well as an interesting brand story. When combined with our clean, modern colour palette and typography it creates a brand that can easily be applied across any materials.

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Project details

“Your enthusiasm for our business and the excellence of the work you’ve done has made it a real pleasure to work with you on this. We can’t wait to see the branding become a reality on vehicles, the website, the stalls and popups etc.”

Paul Richardson, Director, Full Circle

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