About us

We build websites and integrated technical solutions

that let your business and customers easily connect online.

We keep questioning until we understand the issues and the positives you’re dealing with. We make sense of the situations and use experience to help create incredible creative solutions with superior UI/UX, all underpinned with relevant, real world, and usable technologies. All of which has to deliver a real tangible benefit.

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We’ve more than 22 years behind us covering old school technology, consultancy, acquisition, MBO and finally evolution to become what we are now.

When we became Igentics in 2001 we set out to take the best of all the things we’ve seen. Our background really is technical but we deliver whatever meets the needs. We only do digital but we’re not fussy. Infrastructure to supporting global e-commerce. Multilingual corporates. Marketing tools. Content management. Hardware. Software. Open source. Licensed. Bespoke. Campaigns. Traffic, Users.

Nowadays we’re still technical but creatively led. So you want a brand. A corporate design. Some illustration or animation to really make your point. And if you want to promote it, or run a campaign, we have great specialist partners who we bring in we do that too. SEO. Email. Targeted marketing. Whatever is going to make the most difference to what you’re trying to do.

We do all of it. Whatever you need. We pick it, implement it, use it. Make it work. For you. Ensuring you succeed.

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Igentics at a glance:

Since we became Igentics in 2001

Website designed and delivered

Website transactions delivered

Years of combined experience

Formula 1 laps raced with our systems

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Reassuringly challenging.

Disturbingly honest.

That’s us in a nutshell. We will ask the right questions enabling us to understand the real problem you are trying to solve. We'll find the answer to enable you to succeed.