All About Us

We’ve more than 20 years behind us covering old school technology and consultancy, acquisition, MBO and evolution to become what we are now. When we became Igentics in 2001 we set out to take the best of all the things we’ve seen.

Our background really is technical but we deliver whatever meets the need. We only do digital but we’re not fussy. Infrastructure to support global e-commerce. Multilingual corporates. Marketing tools. Content management. Hardware. Software. Open source. Licensed. Bespoke. Campaigns. Traffic. Users.

Nowadays we’re creatively led. So you want a brand. A corporate design. Some illustration or animation to really make your point.

And if you want to promote it, or a campaign, we do that too. SEO. Email. Targeted marketing. Whatever is going to make the most difference to what you’re trying to do.

We do all of it. Whatever you need. We pick it, implement it, use it. Make it work. For you.

We’re independent & we’re honest

Our experiences define us all. We’ve been doing this a long time and we remain independent, totally technology agnostic and engaged in doing good things. We do the right thing, for the right people, at the right time. No hyperbole. No smoke and mirrors. No jargon. We’ll do what you want, but we’ll always be straightforward and tell the truth. Even if it means we do less for you.

But actually we’re about the people. Ours and yours.


People come and go, staff and clients alike. But since we first started back in the nineties – and as we evolved into the business we are now –

we’ve done a lot of stuff: created brands, built a lot of websites, had a few babies. Here’s the agency by numbers:


since we launched.

…and come back.

250 ODD (very odd in some cases) MONTHS SINCE WE WERE BOUGHT
by the Americans.

and became independent again.

(and some have left).

The last 20+ years have been fun. Here’s to the next 20.

Who we work with


Addenbrooke's NHS Trust
Anglia Ruskin University
Blackdot Solutions
British American Tobacco
Cambridge Critical Care
Cambridge Medical Communication
Creative Industries
FIA Foundation
Fruit Shoot
IMI Precision Engineering
Mayfield Properties
Meridian Audio
Paris 2015
Primary Key
Robinsons Squash
System Building Products
Touchpoint Digital
University of Cambridge
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Our Methods

Everyone in our world has a process, usually made of all the good bits they've seen before [and hopefully none of the bad]. This is ours. 4 D’s.

D1. Define

The most important first step. It’s vital. Taking the time to understand what you want and what you need to achieve. It lets us give you the best advice, and makes sure you’re getting what you need.

D2. Design

Everyone deserves good design. Our creative team delivers beautiful work for a huge range of people. They can do the same for you.

D3. Develop

We've enough technical heritage to want things done properly. We develop in many languages and across lots of platforms, picking whatever will suit you best. But the standards are the same: high.

D4. Deliver

We’re not fussy about technology or high art. We’ll deliver a project that gives you what you need and get it finished and over the line with minimum fuss. So you can start to see it deliver for you.

What we do

We do digital. Websites small and large, simple and complex. Internet enabled applications. Brand and design. Marketing and promotions. We can knock up some print too, if you really want, like back in the dark ages.


Want to know more?

You can see how we work and some examples.

Who we are

We are a focussed and (fiercely) independent agency. The people you talk to and get to know will be the ones working with you day in day out. These and are the faces you’ll probably meet first.


Managing Director

Allen Mottram

Commercial Director

Paul Avory

Creative Director

Martin O'Reilly

Development Team Leader