Brand Identity & Website

Deliver world-class consultancy, developing and exploiting cutting-edge analytics, artificial intelligence and digital investigation technologies.

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Primary Key


Brand development & website

Our role:

  • IA, UX and workshops
  • Concepts & Design
  • Brand identity and implementation
  • Responsive framework
  • Website design
  • Website architecture
  • Website development and build
  • Content strategy
  • Content management system
  • Project management
  • Analysis and reporting
Primary Key


Primary Key had an ambition to revitalise the business so that it reflected the cutting edge technology solutions and in depth knowledge they create. The existing brand was holding them back, creating barries, stopping potential clients from engaging with them.


First we tackled the brand as it didn’t reflect the offering at all. We created a device derived from the K of Key and turning it into a positive arrow with the power to open and engage, giving meaning to the brand, reinstating client trust. With a redesigned identity, giving them a modern and forward facing look. Partnering this with a suite of iconography and photography, giving meaning and bringing content to life.


Defining what the business needed to achieve with a clear set of objectives allowed us to create a coherent brand which can consistently communicate key messages whilst maintaining a modern, forward facing approach.

“A company has (or should have)

a web site in order to achieve a set of objectives, not simply because ‘its what everyone does’. Igentics get this. Rather than just leap into the design and implementation, Igentics started with what we were trying to achieve as a business. They used this to make sure that everything about the web site – even the logos and colours – coherently communicated our key messages."

Andrew Clark, Director, Primary Key Associates