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PEM Corporate Finance is a leading provider of M&A and buyout advice to owner-managed businesses in Cambridge, London, and across East Anglia.

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PEM Corporate Finance


Website design & development

Our role:

  • IA, UX and workshops
  • Concepts & Design
  • Responsive framework
  • Web design
  • Web development and build
  • Brand development and implementation
PEM Corporate Finance


Igentics were approached to create a new website for PEM Corporate Finance that would position them away from the parent brands website, allowing them to more clearly target clients, specifically with the right content and messaging.


Our solution was to create a strong modern confident design that capitalised on the gradients in the colour palette of the identity, but which is supported by full bleed imagery, stylised photography and clear white space to create separation from PEM, but still maintaining strong links back to the parent brand.


Flexible templates with a high visual impact esnure the PEM Corporate Finance team have the ability to add additional content, images and film whilst maintaining the visual aesthetic and clean appeal of the new standalone business.

"An opportunity arose to return to having our own website, separate from the parent company.

Historically, we used Drupal as the CMS and found it frustrating when managing content and building new features. We selected Igentics owing to their experience of building bespoke WordPress websites. The end result is a fast, responsive and modern website with simple navigation to complement our mission to provide pragmatic, well-informed and frank advice to business owner-managers. Feedback about the new website from clients, staff and prospects has been universally positive. We enjoyed working with Paul, Craig and the Igentics team so much, we commissioned another project!"

Shaun Nichols, PEM Corporate Finance