Website design & development

Newsworks is the marketing body for national newspapers. They collaborate with advertisers, agencies and rival media to promote news brands in the multi-platform world.

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Website design & development

Our role:

  • IA, UX and workshops
  • Concepts & Design
  • Responsive framework
  • Website design
  • Website architecture
  • Website development and build
  • Content management system
  • Project management
  • Analysis and reporting


Newsworks website predated responsive standards and needed a thorough reworking to engage users with the fantastic content and surveys on offer across all devices.


A user centric platform accessible to all users and devices, delivering an engaging experience through clarity of content, infographics and visual movement to create an enthralling read in the same way as the publications themselves. Despite the complexities of the content a robust grid structure was utilised to maintain a unified experience. Content was placed off canvas to free up space and a flexible template structure allows pages to be repurposed for campaigns and events.


A fully responsive website that works seamlessly across devices with a rejuvenated and revitalised brand appearance.

"Thank you so much!

The new website is such a giant step forwards from what we had before. Traffic is already up by 30%"

Andrew Moffat, Newsworks