Website design & development

Meridian crafts innovative, elegant and high performance audio solutions. They have partnered with Reference Distribution in America to launch a range of marine audio products.

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Meridian Audio


Website design & development

Our role:

  • IA, UX and workshops
  • Concepts & Design
  • Responsive framework
  • Website design
  • Website architecture
  • Website development and build
  • Content management system
  • Project management
  • Analysis and reporting
Meridian Audio


Meridian has designed and engineered a pioneering range of marine products, tailored to the unrelenting on-water environment. Meridian needed a campaign website to generate excitement and evolve to eventually showcase the new range products.


Meridian needed a campaign website for marine with the same values and qualities we created for the main corporate website. Working with Meridian and Reference Distribution the North American partner, we created a standalone wordpress site with a highly visual and filmic aesthetic that uses animation to create movement and a gloss, synonymous with the glamorous yacht and boating scene.


A film of the ocean opens the website to establish the acoustically challenging environment. As you scroll, dynamic movement of content and imagery creates an elegant and engaging website that will drive interest in this new sector.