Valve Island Configurator

IMI Precision Engineering is a world leader in motion and fluid control technologies. Creating advantage through a wide range of pneumatic, fluid control products such as actuators, air preparation products and valves.

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IMI Precision Engineering


Valve Island Configurator

Our role:

  • IA, UX and workshops
  • Concepts & Design
  • Responsive framework
  • Website design
  • Website architecture
  • Website development and build
  • Content management system
  • Project management
  • Analysis and reporting
IMI Precision Engineering


The challenge was to create an area of the IMI Precision website dedicated to the self service configuration of products, initially beginning with the valve island ranges and then rolling out to air preparation and electronic actuators – each with specific IA/UX and market requirements.


IMI Norgren’s valve island configurator has been designed to make the selection of products as easy and as straightforward as possible. Allowing each component and part to be specified and configured as required through simple steps and selection lists. Live 3D CAD models are displayed as you construct and configure your selection.


A series of design and IA exercises were undertaken to define the most appropriate steps and volume of information for each stage, resulting in a single minded, customer centric experience.

"Igentics helped us design a customer experience to configure a complex product in logical steps,

as a result we have a market leading configurator to support our world class products."

Andy Collins, IMI Precision Engineering