We have built a plethora of Umbraco websites recently. It’s a great lightweight CMS and we like it. It also suits our history in Microsoft technology.

We’ve worked on a number of projects that have used Umbraco for content management - ranging from start-ups, to UK registered charities, to campaign websites pushed globally by the government.

As usual, our web design and web development services range far and wide.

Umbraco is an open source platform. Add-ons and support can be purchased with them (we've written a few plugins ourselves). Feel free to take a closer look at Umbraco and the knitty gritty here – www.umbraco.com.

We’re continually working with our clients to identify areas of their Umbraco websites that are working well, what needs tweaking to improve user engagement and what can be added to aid the user. Responsive design hasn’t always been around let’s not forget.. Nor have device specific renders.

Our experience with Umbraco includes (but is not limited to):

  • Advanced Full Site Search

  • Ecommerce integrations

  • Third party services integrations (such as ERP and booking systems)

  • Bespoke package development

  • Email campaign integrations with third party services (such as MailChimp)

  • Personalisation

Oh, this all happens in-house by the way. Coffee first though, obviously.

Ooh ahh, where can I see some examples of Igentics’ Umbraco work?

A wonderful example of our work in this area includes UK Creative Industries. Feel free to take a look at our Work section for more cracking examples of our award-winning web design and web development.

Why should I use Umbraco?

Umbraco is a great and relatively lightweight CMS. But that doesn’t necessary mean it is the CMS for you. Let’s not be driven by technology though, we’ll work with you to define your requirements and help you choose a CMS that is best for your requirements (and for your budget as well, obviously).

We have an existing Umbraco website, can you help us?

Of course we can! We support and maintain websites, not just build them. Feel free to contact us.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager (often accompanied by cake) that will look after you.

Do you do anything else other than Umbraco development?

We also provide web development services for integrations with Sitecore, Drupal and WordPress, as well as bespoke .NET web applications and app development for mobile and tablet. We’re rather good at web design as well. And online marketing for that matter. We are a digital agency.