How to Write Text Ad Copy for Your Google Adwords Campaign

How to Write Text Ad Copy for Your Google Adwords Campaign

The power of online advertising is known to many people. Google Ads, for one, allows your business to pay for displaying brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, and video content to web users within the Google ad network.

Typically, you have to bid on certain keywords for your clickable ads to appear in Google search results. Seeing that you have to pay Google for the clicks, you should do what it takes to make your ads appealing and relating to your business. The advertising process extends from conducting keyword research down to writing excellent content.

To make an advertising campaign fully effective, you have to optimize it for Google and boost your ad copy for your customers. The goal is to create appealing ads that resonate with your target audience. That said, here’s how to write a text ad copy for your Google AdWord as an effective advertising campaign.


  1. Highlight figures or statistics in headlines

Did you know that people often quickly respond to numbers and stats? For this reason, statistics work best in advertising. People are typically drawn to see patterns and their thought process in decision making lean towards good numbers.

For instance, if they perceive that your product is 99 per cent effective, chances are they’ll buy that idea first and will end up purchasing your product. For this reason, it’s best to include statistics in your header so that they will establish your brand’s authority and grab the customers’ attention.


  1. Give in to customer’s fears and ego

Consumers’ fears and ego are very crucial in advertising. Most people look for something as a solution to their worries or as a boost for their ego. For instance, they fear that certain problems they are facing can potentially get worse, so they try hard to find a solution. Likewise, if they want to enhance their appearance or condition further, they will look for a product that can boost their ego.

When creating your ad copy, write compelling content that appeals to your customers’ fears or ego. Use wordings that make the searchers easily find the solution that you’re offering. Persuade them that your products or services are the best possible options to fulfil their needs.


  1. Evoke emotional triggers in ads

Emotional triggers are vital factors in advertising. It’s best to present content or ideas that will evoke an emotional response. In fact, people are more drawn and captivated by an emotional trigger than a logical fact. Presenting facts and ideas may convince your readers, but having touched their emotions can make a huge difference in their purchasing decision.

That said, use emotional triggers in the headline of your ads. This shows that you are on your customer’s side and that you desire to help them meet their needs. Include offers like Money Back Guarantees or Free Shipping to increase the value of your proposal. Good ad copies aim to sell the “value proposition,” using an “emotional hook.”

The best performing search ads employ the use of tactics to create an eye-catching ad copy. Consider the valuable tips outlined above - include stats in headlines, give in to customers’ fears and ego, and evoke emotional triggers among them. Doing so will ensure the success of your AdWords campaign!

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