Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

There’s no denying that with designs, different trends come and go because they continually evolve. Every year, it is easily seen that a new crop of design trends emerge and take the whole world by storm. While some of these latest trends are a delight to our amazement, others are often looked upon with confusion.

As 2020 is just getting going, we’re looking forward to some design trends that will definitely be hitting the market. It’s best to be prepared for what lies ahead so that you can better incorporate these design trends into your processes.

That said, below are four design trends that you should consider and integrate into your business this coming 2020. Keep on reading to learn more.


  1. Prioritize ethical UX designs

It’s a sad reality that many designers deliberately employ designs that take advantage of customers. Consider the likes of dark patterns, data mining, and addictive design features that influence users’ digital decisions. Fortunately, UX designers are now giving utmost importance to ethical designs this coming year. Dishonest designs have been exposed to the glare of public scrutiny. Companies and designers now weigh in the ethical implications of their design decisions, which will be a gamechanger in the coming year.


  1. Digital speed reading

The use of digital speed reading apps has been around for years, but it hasn’t been prevalent among users. In fact, online publications consider posting shorter articles in an attempt to boost the readers’ diminishing attention span. This 2020, you can expect more digital publications and content providers to implement speed reading as aggressively as possible because speed reading apps increase focus and reading completion.


  1. The fading of website overlays

It’s undeniable that website overlays (also known as popups) have spread like wildfire in the digital realm in recent times. The sudden widespread of overlays has annoyed many of the online users, and people aren’t that receptive to this design trend. This is because users hate to be interrupted, their progress impeded, and opportunities diverted. Fortunately, many designers have come to their senses, realizing that website overlays don’t really work to attract potential customers, which is why you should expect the sudden fading of website overlays.


  1. Temporal logos

As far as brand logos are concerned, companies design them with longevity in mind. This means incorporating symbols and visual elements that represent your brand. Know that the logo will be as good as the identity and image of your business, which is the face of your brand. This coming 2020, it’s going to be a different case. Companies will start experimenting with stylistically diverse logo collections specific to marketing endeavours, business events, and even special occasions. Doing so will improve your brand engagement through each logo release.


Predicting the future of design can be a little tricky because some trends rise, take the spotlight, and will soon fade away in time. This coming 2020, expect the following: ethical UX designs, digital speed reading, fading of website overlays, and temporal logos. What are you waiting for? Take the first step and start designing today!


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