7 Website Design Trends to Look out for in 2020

7 Website Design Trends to Look out for in 2020

A well-designed website is a powerful tool to attract your target clients and convert them into paying customers. This year brings in web design trends that every business owner and marketer must know about. Keeping up with these trends will help improve your website. Here are the 2020 web design trends that you should know about:


1. Illustrations Mixed With High-Quality Photos

In 2020, expect to see more illustrations combined with high-quality photos. Web designers can take advantage of this trend to replace certain parts of a photo with illustrations. On the other hand, the two combined will have a powerful impact on the overall web design.


2. Subtle Patterns

Patterns are back! One of the reasons patterns are one of the biggest web design trends in 2020 is because they help create a refreshing vibe to a website. However, don’t overload your website design with patterns. Instead, spread them on separate parts of your background. This will make a website design look more modern.


3. Oversized Typography

As web designers try to simplify a web design, it brings in the need for bold and oversized typography. One of the reasons this typography is increasingly becoming popular is that it draws the eyes of site visitors right away. Another reason is that this type of typography is easy to remember, which is vital if you want visitors to remember what’s on your website.


4. Animated Backgrounds

One trendy web design for years is moving visuals that come in various forms. In 2020, expect to see more animated backgrounds in the form of a video. Animated backgrounds will help visitors stay longer on the site, which is beneficial for all business owners today. The more a visitor stays on your website, the better it is for your search engine ranking and revenue.


5. 3D Design

There will be more uses for 3D elements in 2020. What makes 3D design a good part of web design is that they are engaging. 3D elements may also enhance your brand.


6. Hidden Navigation

Minimalism became a huge trend last year, and it will continue in 2020. An integral part of minimalist web design is hidden navigation. Not only will a concealed website navigation go with your web design, but it can also save you a lot of website space.


7. Voice User Interface (VUI)

If you’re also keeping up with digital marketing strategies, you might be familiar with the increasing popularity of voice search. VUI may not be directly related to web design, but it will boost the functionality of the website and ensure that all elements of the website are working, especially for people with disabilities.


Are you ready to revamp your website this 2020? Adopt some of these web design trends to help you stay on track to success. Keep in mind that technology continues to evolve, and you don’t want to be left behind.


Explore these 2020 web design trends and see how you can incorporate them into your website. Consider this a sign to do a front end haul to boost website appeal!


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