Photography & Film

Great design deserves great assets. As do great brands and products. Be they commissioned pieces, scoped resources or targeted images they say so much about you they need to be right.


Visual Concept Strategy and Storyboarding

One of the first steps in creating a successful brand and business is to determine the look and feel for your imagery (visuals) that align with your brands vision.  

A blank page can be an intimidating place for anyone to begin on a project, so we start by talking to you to understand your business and requirements, interpretting these into a series of moodboards to start the creative process, explore ideas, define boundaries and focus in on the specific details for a visual strategy or project.

The output from the moodboards, help to envisage what the finished article will look like and provide guidance before it is captured. Creating a style and framework for your brands visual strategy.

If you require an animated, 3D or film sequence, we can help to tell your story and bring your brand to life.

We begin by understanding your product and brainstorming ideas. A script is then created around which we can sketch out an outline sequence for the storyboard. This process allows us to explore the visual sequence before it is captured.

Storyboards organise and plan our visual thoughts into a series of blocks that proceed one after another to tell your story, mapping out the scenes, transitions and script. It’s also really useful to map out the running time and make sure everything is covered before we go into production.

Get in touch to let us immerse your audience in your products and showcase its story by bringing them to life.

Portraits, Landscapes, Studio Bases

We believe in the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. The photography used for your business is critically important and provides the opportunity to reinforce your brand vision and stand out from the competition. Stock photography has its place, but for any campaign or ‘halo’ imagery you need to create visuals that you can own and that are unique to your brand.

Bespoke imagery can elevate the perception of your business. Original photography can capture the essence of your brand, product and people.

Often, our clients use the launch of a new website as a great opportunity to produce a new bank of imagery. Whether you need staff portraits, outdoor shots, or a studio shoot of your product portfolio, Igentics can provide beautiful, professional photography. Link to Mr Barbers photography.

Imaging and Video Capture

Whether for broadcast, the web or live events, we can produce video footage of your company or product and really bring it to life. From filming a corporate video to stitching together existing footage, we can see it through from initial idea to final output.

Editing and Effects

If you need to edit existing films or animation footage for a presentation or create website content we can help. We can edit your footage into the desired content form and length, add voiceovers, graphics, captions or overlays to create the perfect corporate presentations.  Get in touch with us to discuss your project and we will send you our showreel.

Motion Design

Motion graphics are a great way to bring presentations to life and inject movement into websites. From an animated infographic to explaining how your product works, we can sketch it out, produce illustrations, and translate them into an animation sequence, complete with sound, effects and subtitles if needed.

3D Animations

Sometimes the best way to explain how something works is through moving images. But what do you do when you can’t see the inner workings of a product, machine or pharmaceutical inside the human body? Our 3D animation and visualisation skills allows us to show what’s not possible with a photo.

With a strong specialism in understanding complex scientific processes and technical subject matter, we can make any project understandable.

Whether it’s an installation process, configurator, a production line or the internal workings of a product, cutaway imagery or photorealistic CGI, we can use animation and 3D modelling to communicate even the most technical offering.

We have produced a number of animations detailing our clients’ products, and while many are not permitted in the public domain, we can let you take a sneaky peek at this one SAMSON Mobile Shiploader.

Post Production

Post production is part of the process of film making, film production, and photography. Post production includes all stages of production occurring after the images or footage have been captured. It allows us to ensure that your visual imagery looks as stunning as it possibly can.

Marketing, Promotion and Content