Igentics can be your social media agency. We can help you with marketing, goal setting, execution, campaign planning, engagement, monitoring & integration.

Igentics can be your Social Media agency

In the olden days everyone was very ‘Shouty’, using PR, email, film and TV to get our message across. If customers wanted to talk back to us then they generally had to do it quietly on a one to one basis.

Clearly times have changed. From the emergence of usenet onwards, online communities (or social networks if you want to get all modern) have proved to be fertile places for discussion and ultimately customer engagement. The rise of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc over the past few years have really brought this into the mainstream.

What does this mean for you?  It means that the people you want to talk to are already in the conversation. Which brings us to our first point.

Social media monitoring

Before launching into a social media campaign it is always wise to understand the landscape. Social media monitoring can range from an initial audit of your competitors and customers right through to real time alerting of events, keywords and phrases. This will help us understand the opportunity and set realistic goals.

Social media goals

It is always amusing to see a brand set up a Facebook page and then ask for ‘Likes’. Whilst we can appreciate the ego boost of seeing the numbers rise, ultimately it is rather meaningless. All social media interaction should have a clear goal, it is not just a popularity contest (well in some cases it is, but there is more to think about to be engaging with your audience).

In the olden days companies would run a PR campaign to ‘Increase awareness’ or ‘Raise our Profile’, this is a little like the Facebook like thing. Hard to really measure the effectiveness and generally a waste of time. So let’s set proper goals... driving traffic to a specific part of your website is a simple and very measurable one. Or getting your audience base to engage by installing your iPad app (did we mention we build and integrate all this stuff).

Social media platforms

It is not all about Facebook and Twitter anymore, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube and Pinterest anymore. There are new ones emerging all of the time and the dynamics of the existing platforms are constantly changing. Our motto is ‘Go where your people are’. We know where they are because we’ve done the Social Media Monitoring bit.

Be targeted with your social media campaign

We know where they are, we know what they are talking about. Great let’s join in. One of the most excellent things about social media is that it allows us to really drill down and target very specific groups. This can be as blatant as an advert to a very defined group of people in a location at a specific time.

We can also integrate. Most of the social platforms have an API that we can use to share date between them and your website. Going beyond the simple social sign on this lets you use all of that personal data that people freely give to social networks. We can also develop apps, pages, page designs and all manner of goodies to personalise and add value to your existing social presence.

Your social media strategy

This is all excellent however the main thing that we can help you do is develop a Social Media Strategy. One of the hardest things for any organisation to do is to manage their social media interactions.  For instance, who is allowed to tweet? If they are tweeting do they use a personal account or a company one? What is your response to an enquiry via social media? Or a complaint? How often should we post?

There is no right and wrong, we can help you work out the best way for you and then beyond that the brand guidelines for any messaging. We can even do a lot of the legwork on a day to day basis, running your accounts, posting most of the updates and engaging with your audience on your behalf.

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