“I’ve got a great website but not enough people are finding it”.

It is impossible to convey just how important Search Engine Optimisation is. Don't worry, we are SEO experts.

We often hear what you think you should be ranking for, but we’ll work with you to implement a full keyword research program to find out what people are really searching for.

Here’s a recent example….

Client: “We want to be #1 for ‘Non-slip flooring’. Its important as it’s the most common search term people find us by”.

SEO geek at Igentics: “That’s great, we’ll work with you to make sure that happens. But that only averages 260 searches per month. How about we rank #1 for ‘Anti-slip flooring’ too? It gets nearly one thousand more searches per month”

Client: “Love it.”

Igentics can be your SEO agency. We are SEO experts. We provide SEO consultancy.

What is key to good search engine rankings?

Content is king. Yes there are complex search engine algorithms that take place behind the scenes, yes there are a few tricks as well, but the top 90% really is content. We can help you optimise it and make it relevant for your audience.

I’ve just launched a new version of my website but it's falling down the search rankings. Help !

Then your website is probably bleeding link juice. That is the most horrific term you’ll ever hear, but it’s most likely true.  Don't worry, we know stuff like that. We are SEO experts.

I've recently finished optimising my website for search engines, could you help with a second opinion to validate what we've implemented?

Of course. We can help at the start, during your campaign, or help you review the results of a previous search campaign and help you plan for the next. Get in touch.

How do I rank number 1 in search engine rankings?

Come and talk to us. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and objectives, and for you to tell us what you want to rank well for. We’ll then implement a keyword research campaign to understand what people are actually searching for and look at search volumes, look at your competitors, establish relevancy, build authority, make recommendations on how you can improve existing content for search engines and identify areas that you’re missing out on to capture relevant traffic.

We can do the teckie stuff too – analysing your meta-titles, meta-descriptions, technical implementation, internal linking, link building, xml sitemaps, etc.

We have our way of doing things, but we’ll adapt as needed to work how you need us to.

What other online marketing services do Igentics offer?

This way for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay per click (PPC), Social media consultancy and Email marketing.

You may also be interested in our website design and website development services.