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Once it’s built, you need to put it out there. This might be us, or someone who we put forward. Again we know where our strengths lie and if what you need is not us? We’ll tell you. And introduce you to who you do need.


Tone of Voice and Language

The tone of voice and language you use for your business determine the personality of brand. Whenever a user or customer touches any communications from your business they should always feel the same, regardless if it is on your website, social media or on print. This is because this is how your customers will consume the vast majority of information about you and your products. All written content affects how your clients perceive you.

Why create a unified tone of voice? Because familiarity creates trust. If you can talk to your customers in a way that they recognise, understand and feel comfortable with, they will trust you more and conversely talk to you more, creating trust in your brand and services. Get it right and they will become an advocate for your brand as you are someone that they can relate too. Having a pre-defined voice that has meaning will allow you to achieve this.

How many times have you read a section of a company’s website and thought “Yeah, but what do they actually do?”.  Too many companies focus on keywords and throwaway terms like “industry-leading” without really explaining their offering or conveying any personality at all.

We can help you determine the characteristics that not only describe your company and offering, but also add personality with a human element to reinforce your brand. Typically, this can happen during a branding exercise, or we can work with you to fine tune your brand and its personas. Establishing the right tone of voice will set you aside from your competition.


Content Creation

Content creation is the single most time-consuming task for any marketer responsible for looking after and maintaining a website. We always warn clients at the start of a project, not to underestimate the task as generating the supporting prose often takes much longer than the design and development phases.

Once you have the exciting new visuals and strategy established for your new website, you need to focus on the content to grow, maintain and engage with your audience. We can help you break down the tasks to establish a day-to-day workflow.

Put simply, content creation is the process of identifying a topic you want to communicate to your audience and deciding which form you want the content to take ( article, blog post, film, tweet, infographic etc ), generating a strategy to capture your audience (keyword, paid or social) and then creating it.

The process of content creation is very nuanced and dependant on platform you are using, so it is not always straight forward. But creating great content can have a huge impact on your users and more importantly your business. Research proves that being educational, knowledgeable and informative can have a real transformative effect ( ) making users increasingly likely to purchase from you.

Let us take you through our content creation process and demonstrate how great content can help you achieve your goals.

Content Management

The content creation process is a long ongoing journey. It is important to remain focussed and stay true to your original content strategy ( link to content strategy page ). Remember content is king and it provides users with a reason to return to your website.

Maintaining and adapting your content strategy as targets change is natural. But a content strategy life cycle will always remain the same: audit and analysis, strategy, plan, creation and maintenance.

We can act as your partner to provide guidance when its needed and as technology and its demands change we can ensure your content remains relevant to your audience and how they discover it through SEO.

Maintenance and management of your content will ensure your continued success.

Channel Optimisation

Working with you we will identify the right combination of effective touchpoints to drive your results. Connecting with your audience in today’s marketplace can be a real challenge.

With an overwhelming choice of media and with consumers having control over what they consume, media placement doesn’t always guarantee exposure to your brand. Shouting louder and spending more doesn’t always mean you will achieve more.

We can help you cut through the noise and increase your brands exposure to the people you want to hear it.

PR and Marketing

Whether you are a startup, or your business has grown organically, or you’ve reached a plateau and want to push your sales further, public relations & marketing can help put your brand in the spotlight.

How your brand is perceived has a massive effect on its success. We will work with you objectively to develop a tone of voice and identify key areas where your product or offering really shines, building your profile and brand awareness through copywriting, media engagement and social media support.

Our proliferation and bombardment of content and media has been never been greater or so instantaineous. Our specialist public relations and content management support can help you effectively manage your brand or diffuse a situation instantly through social media, to promote your business and brand reputation in a positive way.

Direct On and Offline Marketing

The rise of online marketing doesn’t mean that traditional marketing methods are no longer valid. It just means that you have expanded methods in which to reach your customers. So how do you combine your online and offline marketing mix to make the most of the opportunity?

Digital marketing is grabbing the majority of the limelight as it’s the newest form of marketing, but this doesn’t mean that you should invest all of your budgets into your online presence. Integration is the key. Online and offline marketing are becoming increasingly integrated. Infosys research (

bridging-gap-between-offline-and-online-marketing ) recently revealed that 40% of people searching online will buy after being influenced by offline marketing, with 60% claimed to be highly likely to purchase based on word-of-mouth.

Despite spending an increasing amount of our time being ‘plugged in’, it’s our activity in the offline world that has the greatest impact and reach. We can show you how to best combine your marketing strategies to generate the greatest results.