The world has changed, become more mobile and extensible. It’s no longer enough to develop a great product or business, it’s about immediacy, about reaching people in any number of ways, about picking the right digital channels to support you and your users.


App Design and Development

Consumers are using an ever, increasing variety of platforms to access services and content. Creating a Mobile app that not only looks great, but feels right through a smooth, fluid user interaction (UI) requires a skilled team. We can take your project from concept to launch and beyond to include any future improvements and features.

A great mobile app should provide an additional level of experience over a responsive website, by making the most of a mobile device’s native hardware (such as GPS, cameras and microphone), creating an enhanced experience.

Our Mobile apps can be designed and developed specifically for one device or adapted to fit several.

Creating a mobile app involves our key skillsets of strategy, branding, design, user interface design (UI), information architecture (IA), user experience design (UX), interaction design (IxD) and development, and testing. After launch, maintenance and support should also be considered as operating systems (iOS and Android) continually update. We will make sure your app gets through the Apple store and Google Play acceptance process.

To discover more take a look at our case study for the IMI Norgren Express App.

Interactive Animations

Interactive animations are a great way to let your customers and users participate in more than just viewing a webpage. By combining our animation skills with our development team we can create CSS animations for your website, that allow a user to pull apart a product as they scroll and label individual components, creating a more powerful and engaging experience.

Interactive animations can also bring infographics to life and have been proven to increase user engagement, page dwell time and lower bounce rates.

Video and Film

Sometimes a static image isn’t enough, a product deserves to be brought to life through stunning visuals and a compelling narrative storyline that expand beyond the initial wow.  We can bring your content to life through engaging stories and stunning visuals that support your product launches, websites and social media strategies both online and for broadcast.

3D Modelling and Characterisation

We can use our 3D capabilities to create detailed and complex visualisations of your products to showcase features and details that can’t be captured by photography. We can also use our skills to create characterisations to compliment and bring to life your products for use in advertising and product walkthroughs. Take a look at our recent work for IMI Precision Engineering where we used characterisation in a fun and interesting way to tell the story of how the IMI Norgren Express App was used to solve problems for their clients.

Testing and Measurement

All of our digital projects undergo a strict testing regime to ensure that when we deliver and release any work to you, or publish any content it will work without issue on the agreed supported platforms. For the majority of clients we work with them on an ongoing basis so have direct access to publishing content for them, acting as the silent partner and extension of their technical teams.

Once a project has gone live it is important to measure the effectiveness of the work that has been undertaken to ensure current and future successes. We use a best practice methodology that collects, reports and analysis the data from your website. From Google Analytics to email campaigns, we can monitor traffic and user behaviour to gather key insights, identify areas in need of improvement, and implement plans to drive user engagement and improve performance.

Find out more about website analytics here:

Photography and Film