Igentics have been in and around Cambridge ever since the company first started 20 or so years ago. Since then we have worked with dozens of Cambridge companies, organisations and people from the city, providing website design & website development, developing web apps, integrating content management systems, proving branding, defining and executing digital campaigns, and offering online marketing services. All in exciting new media stuff. We know Cambridge pubs well.

You’ll have heard of the big Cambridge companies we've worked with, like Cambridge University and Addenbrookes hospital, but what about some of the others like the Jigsaw Bakery, Anglia Property Preservation or even Al Amin stores? Smaller by far but just as important to us.

As well as providing pure website design we’ve also worked with a few of the other web design agencies in Cambridge who are (with only one exception) a lovely bunch of people. Other Cambridge agencies have used us for the technical bits that they don’t want to do. We work very well as partners and our technical systems integration experience means we really can make a difference.

As a Cambridge business we like to support the local economy so tend to source as many of our supplies and services as possible from the City. We also use the pubs a lot, lunch is important.

Our office is in a converted Victorian Furniture Warehouse on Tenison Road, you know the building - everyone does. We are conveniently located for town and the railway station which makes it easy for our local clients to see us > do not under estimate how useful this is on a project.

We like visitors, so give us a call (01223 311098) and pop in for a coffee.

Don't forget we're not just a web design agency. We also provide web development and digital marketing services as well. We can become your Cambridge full service digital marketing agency.