Igentics have produced award winning web design for a number of businesses across multiple sectors.

Web design

Igentics’ creative web designers have produced stunningly beautiful yet engaging and customer focused websites. We are a full service digital marketing agency and so our web design team are complemented by our team of IA specialists, web developers, account managers, project managers and digital marketeers. Any project gets joined up thinking applied, so you won’t end up with a beautiful design that doesn't translate to the web or does not meet your business’ core conversion and engagement values.

Web design trends and user expectations and demands are constantly evolving. It’s our job to stay on top of this, so you don’t need to. Our relationships with our clients is often more like a partnership, so don’t be surprised if 3 months after we’ve finished a project for you we notify you about recent movement in the design industry and where we think its heading so you can always be leading. That way you’re always up to speed and can make key decisions about direction and strategy before your competitors have already beaten you to it and overtaken you within your market.

Web design services

You name it we’ve probably done it. We’d be happy to show you as many examples of our website design as you want to see when we meet, but you can view some of them in our Work section.

Our web design services can help your business improve goal conversions and user engagement.

Our core web design services include:

  • Information architecture & usability consultancy

  • Website design

  • Responsive web design

  • Mobile design

  • Ecommerce design

  • Campaign landing page design

As a full service digital marketing agency it’s also worth noting that our design services extend to offline design and brand development & evolution. Just in case you’re looking for one agency to tackle all your requirements together.

Proven & tangible success from recent web design projects

A design and usability review of an ecommerce site and then the subsequent implementation of corresponding recommendations led to a small toy company having to triple is number of delivery vans.

A usability review complemented by search engine optimisation led to a company offering classes for business leaders from around the world to be booked up from weeks to months in advance.

Igentics have produced great web design work that has been well received locally (see Web design Cambridge), nationally and internationally.

We know our stuff.... Our web design has been nominated and won awards, such a Webby Award in 2013.

Our web design process

Our web design process is tried, tested and proven as successful.

That said, its imperative that our customers feel at ease working with us and we'll often adapt our methodology to the project as easy as possible for you. Most of the people we work with are time poor, so we know from a process point of view what works and what doesn't.

Kick off meeting

We’ll come listen to you. It is imperative we understand what you’re trying to achieve, what you want to guide your customers through, what you goals are and how you measure success. We take as much time as needed to understand your business and its values, and also yourselves as individuals so we can tailor our project methodology around you so we can work the most efficient way together, without losing out on the quality of the final design.

We ask the stupid questions, find out what you love and what makes you go ‘euugh’.

Information architecture and template wireframes

Before we get too caught up in the pure creative design phase (although let’s be honest, that's the best bit) we’ll draft up the sitemap, the wireframed templates and identify user personas & the corresponding user journeys. You may just be looking for a website redesign and already have that covered, which is no problem – we’ll just jump straight to the next phase.

Initial concepts

We’ve nailed the core user experience, calls to actions, content mapping and user flows. Fantastic, it’s time to get creative. We’ll look at your competitors and ask you of sites you like and ones you hate, even if they’re not related to your business.

Usually we’ll produce two design concepts, we’ll push the boundaries though. Typically, we’ll produce a safe design concept (like your competition but much better), and another which is way out there and will push you & your thinking. Quite often our customers like the alternative and so we end up taking the best bits from each. Our goal is something that can lift you above your competitors & entice your users and drive your business forward, this will be something we can shout about.

Final website design

We’ll work through all of the templates and produce a final website design that is ready to be applied to your new or existing website. We’ll meet with your to run through your comments and amends to ensure your requirements are fully met. The budget of the project will dictate how many rounds of design amends are covered, but it is usually no less than two.

We can help you with the web development, but if you’re looking to implement the design in house or have an existing agency then that’s no problem. We’re used to working with third parties and will be happy to produce a clearly labelled style guide and design document which can be used for implementation, then discuss as necessary to make sure the finished website design is as beautiful within a browser as it was when you signed off the design.

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We are a full service digital agency. We can also provide web development, app development for mobile & tablet and also digital marketing services.

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