Igentics are at the forefront of online trends and improvements to user experience and so of course we cook up responsive web designs on a regular basis.

Since the mass adoption of mobile devices, companies and their agencies have had the challenge of making their website work across a variety of different screen sizes. Initially this was done by creating specific mobile versions of the site to cater for each individual device type. Whilst this is perfectly acceptable it can add significant costs to the design and development phases of the project. Ongoing site maintenance is also increased as each version of the site will need to be individually amended every time there is a significant change.

This is where Responsive web design comes in. By creating a grid based web design with scalable images it is possible to have one website design which changes (responds) to fit the device it is being viewed on. Single column layout on a small mobile, three columns on a tablet, four or five on a large monitor. The code, content and design are singular across all platforms.

The most efficient way to design for Responsive is to start with mobile and work up, using this technique is has been proven that the design process is not much more time consuming that a normal desktop design but the overall ongoing maintenance costs and of course the user experience can be improved exponentially.

The way we deliver a Responsive design varies depending on the application. The traditional way is to use CSS3/HTML5 and JavaScript which is fine and is something we do with many sites. However as we are Sitecore partners we can also use technology which is built into Sitecore to deliver Responsive designs in an even more efficient way too.

Responsive design should not be limited to just websites. To create greater engagement with your customer base you should think about responsive email design too with the ever increasing open rates on mobile devices.

Examples of responsive web design

Recent examples of our responsive web design & build work are the FIA Foundation and UK Creative Industries.

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