Creative & Design

Everyone deserves good design. Our creative team has created beautiful work for a huge range of clients and sectors. We deliver both on and off line but our key focus is always digital. From full brand exercises to new sites, to redesigns to banners, buttons and icons, from initial concepts to realised final products. When you know who you are talking to, design for them. We want everything to be stunning.


Creative Concept and Ideas

We all want to have the next ‘big idea’, whether it is for a product, a start-up, a re-brand, campaign or even smaller day to day changes that can have a positive effect on your business. The ‘big idea’ is about coming up with a solution to a problem – but more importantly than that it is about defining the right problem to solve in the first place, so that you achieve the results you set out to beat.

We don’t believe that creative concepts and ideas should be restricted, which is why we begin by understanding your business objectives, challenges and purpose of the project to understand if you are really asking us the right questions for your brief.

Once we have that knowledge our creative thinkers begin with a blank sheet of paper and marker pens to let their ideas take shape. Only when we have great ideas, do we progress to executing the visuals and applying our creativity that will unlock your customers across all platforms. It’s not just about the ‘big idea’, it’s about a ‘big idea’ that delivers its goals. These are the kinds of concepts that we can develop for you.



Creativity and design lives and breathes through everything that we do at Igentics. It’s the lifeblood that keeps things interesting. Design is where we implement and execute the ‘big’ and ‘small’ ideas and strategies for your brand. We take our creative concepts and turn them into reality.

Often, we work in collaboration with our clients, especially with long term clients with whom we are an extension of their own team.  We work with you to discover what matters the most to you. This intimate knowledge of our customers enables us to create solutions that separate you from the competition and cut through the noise.

We love design in the broadest sense possible, no matter what needs to be created, our passion shines through – adverts, campaigns, brand roll-outs, brochures, posters, leaflets, exhibition stands, applications and most importantly websites.

Send us your brief and challenge us.


As well as creating beautiful solutions and designs for our clients we also see through the production of the projects from conception to final delivery.  Our team can fully project manage your campaigns, removing the stress of having to deal with printers’, printers’ proofs, colour management and quality control issues. All you have to do is receive the final output.

Get in touch today and we can talk you through what we could do for you.

Brand Development

Simply put we work with businesses to create, define and design their brand identity, tone of voice and behavioural traits. Working collaboratively with our clients’ teams to originate extraordinary brand experiences and innovate to create brand-led products and services.

Your brand represents who you are and everything about you. Everything that your business produces or anyone that communicates with your team will form an opinion of what you are and what you stand for. So, getting it right is crucial to how you are perceived by your customers and users.

Every brand that we work with, whether if it’s a start up or an establish multinational will benefit from our approach. We ensure that everything we do is considered, has meaning, a reason, a purpose and a story. Creating a stronger brand experience and acting as a catalyst for success.

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity and brand mark are the embodiment of what you are. It is the first visible thing that people see when they engage with or contact your business. In general terms, your corporate visual identity expresses the values and beliefs of your organisation. Your brand mark is what makes you visible and when executed well, makes you memorable to your audience.

We can help you create a dynamic identity for your business that not only looks great, and is memorable, but one that has your businesses beliefs, aspirations and vision at its core, capturing the essence of your brand DNA – because a brand is much more than just a name and logo.

Our skills range from creating the naming conventions of you brand and products to creating the corporate identity, through to the visible rollout of the brand: manuals, bible and style guides.

It doesn’t matter if you have an existing brand that’s just been created or in the process of being created, we can help you fine tune it, to capture your brand’s DNA and ensure its flexible and dynamic enough to represent your business across platforms and media.

Brand Communications

We use branding, strategy and creativity to bring your business to life. Any communications that we create for your business will be based around the four core principles that flow through our work to capture your brands DNA in your communications: 

  • Story – Ensuring that your brand has a story that is worth telling to keep your audience captivated and loyal.
  • Identity – Providing you with a memorable visual appearance that embodies who you are.
  • Experience –Delivering a positive experience for your employees and customers through every touchpoint.
  • Learning – Monitoring, maintaining and analysing what is being delivered to ensure that your goals are constantly being met.

With these principle’s we can ensure your brand communications always resonate.

Digital Branding and Management

The branding process is relatively simple with the goal to establish a recognisable name, identity and design with serves as your unique identifier, creating a story and experience that your employees and customers expect.

Digital branding leverages mediums such as websites, social media, mobile apps, advertising and email communications to reinforce your position. As such the delivery of your brand requires an identity that is flexible to adapt to the differing environments and the possibilities these provide. One of the biggest challenges facing many heritage brands is that they were never designed to move.

Brands should no longer be static, they should evolve and adapt to interaction in order to resonate with your audience. Allowing customers to interact and do something that generates a reaction creates a more meaningful and engaging brand experience.

Igentics can unify your brand across these converging mediums and online platforms, helping you manage your identity to ensure your messaging is being delivered in unison.

Brand Guidelines and Brand Books

Brand guidelines, style guide and brand books are one of the most important tools any business can have. They ensure that the vision you set out to achieve with your business remains on track. Typically, the depth of these documents are changing, as you don’t need to be told (or lectured) on how to roll out your communications materials.

What is more beneficial are documents that give you room to manoeuvre and space to create, acting as a reference guide (although we will happily create a 200 page bible for you) to keep you on track and ensure brand consistency.

They provide you with the visual reference point for the application, colours, fonts and language of your brand, ensuring that whatever is produced (whether digitally or in print) works cohesively. Let us create your brand guidelines for you, which will save you a lot of time and frustration in the future.

Roll Out and Implementation

Implementing a new brand identity and rolling out the revised aesthetics and materials across your business can be a daunting task. As it ensures that every instance of your old identity (name, logo, colours, materials, signage, vehicles, ID badges etc) is replaced across the entire business.

If you are a small business it is a relatively straight forward process, but if you are a multinational you need a strategy for its implementation.

We can help you to achieve a successful brand transition that will ensure the success of your revitalised brand identity.

Print Design

As well as creating brand identities we can take care of your visual communications and print collateral needs, overseeing your vision from inception through to the final tactile deliverable. Print materials maybe no longer seen as cutting edge, but they have an important role to play in your marketing mix, as they support your brand and typically maybe someone’s first introduction to your business.

Digital is becoming the more prevalent marketing medium, but there are moments when a conceptually driven and creatively led piece can make a real impression, because its tactile and ‘real’, striking on a different emotional level to digital.

Get in touch to discuss how we can add a different dimension to your printed brochures and product leaflets.

Web Design

Website design is the fundamental reason for our existence. We design and build beautiful websites, web applications and mobile apps for our broad spectrum of clients, across a wide range of industries. You can view our portfolio of work here. As an agency, we focus on creating fantastic looking, performing and functioning websites, that enable memorable customer experiences and marketing communications platforms.

All of our designs utilise our User Experience capabilities to ensure that the websites not only look beautiful, but are grounded on the core fundamentals of achieving what you want your users to do.

We deliver pixel-perfect responsive designs that your customers will enjoy using, connect with and recommend to others. All of our websites are designed and built using Content Management Systems (CMS). Discover which CMS platforms we use.

Responsive and Mobile Design

An increasing percentage of your audience will discover your website, on a mobile device first. This has created the phase ‘mobile first’. It basically means exactly as it sounds: designing for the smallest screen size first and working your way up through devices. It is the best strategy for creating a responsive design. The website responds automatically to change and fit the device you're viewing it on.

Typically, there have been four screen sizes or breakpoints that responsive design has been aimed at: desktop monitors, laptops, tablets (landscape and portrait orientation) and the mobile phone.

The reason we take this approach is that designing for mobile devices first is the hardest screen size to cater for. The smallest designs will only be able to show essential features and information. Mobile devices have the greatest limitations, screen size and bandwidth issues, forcing us to be ruthless in terms of content and design. Once those hurdles, boundaries and questions have been answered, designing for other, larger devices will be easier.