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At Igentics we use a variety of website Content Management Systems (CMSs) that we have chosen specifically to meet individual customer requirements. Amongst these is the WordPress development platform.

WordPress splits the opinions of web designers – many love it for the low cost, quick development that it offers. Others hate it for its security vulnerabilities and slow performance.

In reality - if setup carefully by an expert - WordPress can deliver low cost, quick development, secure and good performance websites; which is exactly how we offer it to our customers.

Things to always consider on a quality WordPress website development:

Never rely on basic WordPress security 
Always install extra layers of security that turn off unnecessary features and tie down potential security vulnerabilities in the basic WordPress package. Agreed, WordPress security out of the box has some excruciating flaws, but these can easily be closed off by a WordPress expert.

Keep WordPress up to date
WordPress release about 3 major updates per year with ad hoc security releases as needed. Make sure you keep up with the major updates and WordPress will automatically install the security updates for you. Similarly, keep as up to date as possible with all the latest WordPress plugin updates.

Install caching
All modern CMSs put a heavy load on web servers. Use quality web hosting and a good quality caching plugin to cut that load dramatically and deliver fast website load times that your customers and Google will appreciate!

Don’t forget SEO
Extend WordPress with one of the common SEO plugins to get full control over your websites’ SEO. These plugins offer highly configurable SEO facilities to WordPress sites often missing from website development platforms with a license fee.

The above are a just handful of things that we consider as part of our base setup and configuration for WordPress development to turn the platform from a good website CMS to a great website CMS. That still doesn’t make it suitable for everyone, which is why we offer WordPress development as part of a range of development platforms carefully chosen to meet the specific needs of our individual customers.