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As part of our web design process we always include provision for photography. Good photography can make a site stand out as the visuals represent a massive opportunity to give the website personality.

During the web design discovery and analysis part of the project we work with the client to understand their current imagery, the colour palette of the site and how we want to imagery to make the site feel.

Cutting edge, friendly, safe, edgy, hi tech. The same basic site design can be radically changed by simply changing an image.

We designed a site some years ago which had some very hard hitting, edgy imagery. Imagine something like.

A strong image with a defined colour palette. It creates a tone for the site.  The client decided at the end of the project to source their own imagery and replaced it with something along the lines of:

Undoubtedly a lovely image, however a very different colour palette, which jars with the rest of the site but more importantly it completely changes the feel of the site.  One image and the site completely changes.

Which is why, when we design websites we work with our clients to source the correct images. Either by arranging and managing the photoshoot with internal or external photographers, or by carefully selecting images from existing resources or external stock libraries.

Stock images are another danger area. Working on web design in Cambridge we see a lot of examples of the same old University and Research facilities being used. Get some imagination, don’t be obvious. Professional photography is not as costly as you may think and then the images will belong to you. They will be unique.

We work hard to make your website look good and tell the right story. Don’t ruin it for the sake of a cheap shot.

David Donnan, Igentics MD.